Introducing the next-generation Process Amplifying product from FCT Solder, AMPOnePT. AMPOnePT features a pin-testable flux residue, extensive reliability testing, and the unmatched ultra-low voiding standard set by the original AMPOne paste. Electronics assemblers are faced with unique challenges, and the strengths of this novel solder paste are designed to meet those very challenges. Reach out and start your process amplifying evaluation today.
  • Tech Tuesday: FREE Webinar Series

    Join SMT Experts as we discuss common assembly defects, yield issues, and simple solutions to enhance every assembly process. Watch for the most recent Tech Tuesday! This presentation focuses on the challenges in the surface mount assembly process, and the strengths of a novel solder paste designed to meet these challenges.
  • WIL-1 Flux

    WIL-1 is a VOC FREE low activity and solids, no-clean, wave soldering flux. It is designed to make the transition from tin-lead to lead-free wave soldering as efficient and profitable as possible. WIL-1 provides best-in-class productivity combining extremely high electrical reliability with excellent solderability, ultra-low residue, and no white residues. It also boasts no copper greening and superior top-side hole-fill.
  • LF-C2 High-Reliability Solder Paste

    Because of its creep-resistant properties, FCT Solder’s LF-C2 alloy is a common choice for underhood applications that have high operating temperatures. Thermal cycling weakens solder joints over a product’s life cycle. That, in turn, leads to vibration and shock issues. LF-C2 alloy’s strength creates high-integrity solder joints that hold up during harsh conditions.

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LED Solder Assembly

We take a solution-driven approach to all of our products.

With the ability to print at up to 150mm/sec, our no-clean, lead-free solder pastes have become the gold standard for LED applications. For our LED solder materials, we asked:

What if we could eliminate (or dramatically reduce) the chances of thermal voiding for our customers’ products?


About FCT Solder

FCT Solder provides the highest performing chemistries in the market today. We offer many advantages through our solution driven solder products. Explore the various solder products that we offer including solder paste, bar, wire, and flux technology.

FCT’s solder paste line can be defined by many categories:  no clean, water soluble, RMA, pin probable versus non pin probable and halogen free versus halide based activation.  

But we have broken our product line out by Leaded versus Lead Free.  For leaded we sell 63/37, 62/36/2, Hi Temp leaded alloys.  Lead free alloys include SAC305, SN100C, SAC387, SAC307 as well as other HMP alloys.  These typically come in Type 3 , Type 4 and Type 5 particle sizes.  

For our paste products we think that it is important to offer fresh pastes and so paste orders ship within 4 working days. Lastly our strength isn’t just in water soluble or no clean technology but in both.  Attributes include:

  1. Thin viscosity with low slump characteristics
  2. Halogen free product line with good activity and stability
  3. Low graping products for both water soluble and no clean
  4. Antitombstoning alloys that offer a melting range for both leaded and lead free alloys
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Engineering Support

Having issues with solder or your manufacturing process? Need help solving a solder problem? Talk to one of our engineers and let us help you solve your problem.

What Customers Say:

“I just wanted to give you some feedback on the FCT type 4 lead-free solder paste.  I tried it and was pleasantly surprised with the result!  The material spread well, printed great (nice defined bricks, even on the fine pitch square apertures). The solder joints looked great and had very good pad wetting.
We were able to leave it on the stencil while at lunch and upon returning, the first print looked just as good as the first print of the day. So all things considered, it is a great product and I will definitely be buying FCT paste now. Thanks for recommending it!”
Current FCT Solder Customer