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High Reliability Soldering Alloy

When you need high reliability, FCT Solder has you covered with LF-C2 alloy.

High Reliability solders resist damage from harsh environments so that your assemblies last longer.

LF-C2 is a Sn/Ag/Bi/Cu solder alloy that has been developed to resist thermal fatigue. The microstructure of an LF-C2 solder joint allows it to perform more reliably in high temperature, high vibration environments, including under-hood automotive, and aerospace technology. Additionally, LF-C2 has low voiding potential, significant creep resistance, and overall better failure mode compared to other high reliability alloys.


Advantages of LF-C2 High Reliability Soldering Alloy:


Resists thermal fatigue in harsh conditions like high-temperature cycling and high vibration.


Creep resistance and high tensile strength make it highly reliable.


Low voiding compared to other high reliability alloys.

Vibration Test Results


Voiding Test Results