LED Solder Assembly

Our LED solder assembly materials are designed for manufacturers who need a reliable, high-quality product that minimizes voiding and to solder LED components to circuit boards. As LEDs become more and more popular, we’ve kept pace with products specifically created to solve the problems faced by manufacturers.

FCT Solder’s LED materials are designed with low-cost and productivity in mind. Our no-clean, lead-free solder pastes are popular for LED applications. The no-clean fluxes eliminate the need to wash away flux residues, while our clear, colorless flux residues help maintain the brightness and reflectivity of the printed circuit board.

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Solution-Driven Solder Assembly Materials for LEDs

LED (light emitting diode) technology has effectively replaced incandescent lighting in many applications. From automotive manufacturing to in-home lighting to consumer electronics, LEDs have surged in popularity, especially as prices have fallen.

LEDs are prized for being more durable and longer-lasting than traditional incandescent bulbs. But one of the biggest challenges manufacturers face when working with LEDs is heat.

Heat is the enemy of LEDs, and overheating is one of the most common reasons LEDs fail. When heat can’t escape via the thermal pad, it dramatically shortens their lifespan.

FCT takes a solution-driven approach to all of our products. For our LED solder materials, we asked: what if we could eliminate (or dramatically reduce) the chances of thermal voiding for our customers’ products?

Designed to Keep Components Cool for a Longer Life

Solder-paste induced voiding can prevent heat from escaping and cause delicate components to overheat, dramatically shortening the life of the LED.

Our products have a thin viscosity with low slump characteristics designed to lower the chance of voiding on thermal pads. Our advanced formulations create solder materials that are designed to lengthen the life of your LED products. By reducing the chances of voiding, our solder pastes help ensure that any heat produced can escape and components remain cool.

The bottom line: LEDs won’t overheat thus leaving your products to last longer.

Solder Materials You Can Rely On

When you order your solder materials from FCT solder, you’re getting:

  • Fresh paste. All our paste products ship within four working days to ensure maximum freshness.
  • Halogen-free and halide-free products. Our products deliver good activity and stability.

Solder Products for LED Assembly


Solder Materials for LED Assembly

NL932HF is a halide free, lead free, no clean solder paste that allows for repeatability and consistency. This paste is formulated to deliver exceptional cosmetics, especially when used in conjunction with Nihon Superior’s SN100C patented lead free alloy. This product was designed to minimize graping issues in the reflow process.

Flux Type: No Clean
Alloys: Lead-Free
Classification: ROL0
Halogen: No


Solder Materials for LED Assembly

WS890 is an excellent all-around water soluble, lead-free solder paste. It has superior reflow characteristics giving excellent wetting, very low solder balling, and very low graping. WS890 has been formulated for environmental stability giving long stencil life and excellent print characteristics.

Flux type: Water Soluble
Alloys: Lead Free
Classification: ORH1
Halogen: Yes

The AMP One solder paste from FCT Solder, is redefining the voiding standard for PCB Assembly. By combining industry low levels of voiding performance with excellent activity and decreasing the potential for solder balling and graping, AMP One delivers assemblers an unmatched ability to amplify their process window while ultimately achieving higher yields.

Solder Materials for LED Assembly
AMP One Properties

  • Low Solder Balling
  • Halide and Halogen Free
  • Excellent Wetting
  • High Activity
  • Long Stencil Life
Solder Materials for LED Assembly
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