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SAC305 Drop-in Replacement

Upgrade your assembly process with the perfect drop-in replacement for SAC305.

SN100CV is a silver-free, cost-effective alloy that can replace SAC305 in the SMT process.

SN100CV is a Sn/Bi/Cu/Ni alloy that delivers higher reliability than SAC305 through a stable strengthening mechanism which provides lasting reliability in drop shock and thermal cycling tests. SN100CV is run with the same reflow parameters as SAC305, which makes SN100CV a drop-in replacement. If you have questions about SN100CV solder pastes, or our other offerings, get in touch with one of our service reps today!


Advantages of SN100CV:


Stable Strengthening
SN100CV includes Bi at a level that remains dissolved in the Sn matrix throughout the life of the solder joint.


No Silver
Being Ag-free lowers assembly costs compared to SAC305 and other Ag alloys.


High Durability
SN100CV outperforms SAC305 in both drop-shock and thermal cycling tests due to solid solution strengthening.


Easy Drop-in Replacement
SN100CV solder paste has identical reflow parameters to SAC305.

SN100CV: SAC Replacement Alloy

SN100CV uses an identical reflow profile to SAC305, without any Ag content, making SN100CV an excellent and easy drop-in replacement for SAC305. The secret of the SN100CV alloy is that it achieves its reliability with a carefully targeted addition of Bi, while avoiding the susceptibility to impact loading associated with the presence of a brittle Bi phase in the microstructure. The result is a highly cost-effective alloy that outperforms SAC305.