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Water Based Stencil Cleaner

Easily Remove Stubborn Solder Paste

UC100X Ultra Clean stencil cleaner is a water based, neutral pH, and non-corrosive cleaner designed to remove a wide array of solder pastes from SMT stencils and out of apertures. The stencil cleaner is also effective in removing solder flux, uncured adhesives and board misprints. UC100X is intended for use in ultrasonic immersion and spray in air stencil cleaning machines. *UC100X is not intended for use as an under-stencil or hand wipe cleaner.

Water Based

Neutral pH


Other benefits:
  • Very good filterability which gives a long bath life and low bath maintenance cost
  • Low odor and low foaming in stencil cleaning machines
  • Water-based chemistry that is easy to rinse with de-ionized water
  • Cleans effectively at low concentrations
  • UC100X is safe for use with all metals, adhesives, mesh and plastics used in stencil fabrication, and with circuit board materials
Stencil Cleaner

Improve print quality and repeatability

Stencil cleanliness is important to maintain solder paste print quality and repeatability.  If solder paste residues are left in the stencil apertures, they dry and harden and become very difficult to remove.  When the stencil is used again, the print quality will be less than ideal. Proper cleaning of the stencil is critical to maintaining good quality and repeatability in the print process.

Compatible with NanoSlic

UC100X Ultra Clean stencil cleaner was specifically developed to be compatible with permanent stencils coatings such as NanoSlic. NanoSlic Gold is inherently chemically resistant and will not be affected by the large majority of commercial stencil cleaners. But there are some stencil cleaners on the market that have high pH which will attack the coating over time during ultra sonic cleaning.

NanoSlic Gold stencil coating has been extensively tested with UC100X chemistry and has withstood over extended periods of cleaning cycles.

Stencil Cleaner

Service and Support

FCT Assembly and BlueRing Stencils are leading manufacturers of solder pastes and stencil products for the surface mount process.  UC100X is our first product in the stencil cleaning arena, and it works well with our solder pastes and stencil products. FCT Assembly and BlueRing Stencils support the entire SMT process, and our goal is to provide solutions to our customers.  UC100X Ultra Clean stencil cleaner is another product that we use to improve the SMT process and support our customers.

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