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Solder Dross Recycling

Everyone in the industry who operates a wave or selective solder machine produces solder dross for recycling. Solder dross is a layer of metal and impurities that collects on the surface of solder. It is a mix of oxidized metals and other impurities. It is leftover solder, and is made up of more than 90% metal. The rate of drossing depends on temperature, agitation, and alloy type. This metal can be refined and recycled into new solder bar.

FCT Recovery offers a safe and responsible way to recycle solder dross and electronic scrap. We offer payment on total net weight of the material you send in, with no treatment or refining fees.

Types of Solder for Recycling

FCT Recovery takes all alloy types for solder dross recycling. Most common are 63/37 dross, sn100c dross, and SAC305 dross. We also recycle solder paste, solder wire, solder paste waste, along with all electronic scrap. FCT Recovery pays in 30 days, and sends you year-end Certificate of Recycling or Certificate of Destruction to prove your material is handled and recycled properly.

Lead Recycling

Lead is the most recycled metal in the world. Most recycled lead comes from batteries, since the scrap is considered hazardous waste. Other lead scrap can come from cables used in telephone wires, dross, pipes, sheet-metal, and automobile weights. About half of the world’s lead production comes from recycled materials. 

In an effort to carry out green, sustainable business practices and follow government regulations, recycling is essential in today’s world. Disposing of metals that have  negative impacts on our natural environments and personal health is a top priority.

Mindful recovery, reuse, and recycling is crucial to a business when dealing in lead and other metals. Lead can be easily repurposed, even years or centuries after it was first used, so the recycling of its scraps results in less waste and consumption of resources in the production of the lead itself. Therefore, participating in and maintaining conscious recycling and/or disposal of materials is a matter of finding cost effective methods that benefit everyone.

Ready to Recycle?

At FCT Recovery, we can help you dispose of your waste at no cost to your business. After contacting us for a quote, we will schedule a pickup and collection at your facility for free. Not only do we do this service for free, we will also pay you for the waste, and provide you with a certificate of recycling to show that your waste was removed in a safe, sustainable, environmentally responsible manner.

FCT Recovery has no minimum weight for pickup – whether you have one pail or ten pallets, we’ll haul it. Pricing is based on the London Metal Exchange, which fluctuates daily, and your quote is good for 2 business days. We pay freight, and will send you an updated PO and receiving form, and weights as soon as the material is received in and analyzed for alloy type. We also provide you with pails for your recycling at no cost to you. FCT Recovery has no hidden fees, and will always pay you on total net weight, with no additional fees. We simply take off the weight of the pallet and pail.

We pick up any amount.

We pay within 30 days.

We pay on net weight,
Not recovered weight.