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Solder Alloy Reliability – REVAMPED

The need for “high reliability” solder alloys is growing in the electronics assembly industry. Automotive, aerospace, and other harsh environment applications are challenging for tin/silver/copper (SAC) alloys. SAC alloys can fail before the devices reach the end of life. Many solder manufacturers are working to meet these needs through the development of “high reliability” solder alloys, which can survive these harsh environments.

This presentation discusses “high reliability” solder alloys, their metallurgy and function. Reliability data is compared and contrasted for several solder alloys including Nihon Superior’s SN100CV. A new “high reliability” alloy called LF-C2 (Nihon Superior) is also discussed. High reliability of electronic assemblies can be achieved through the use of the correct solder alloy for the application.

About Tony Lentz

Tony Lentz has worked in the electronics industry since 1994. He worked as a process engineer at a circuit board manufacturer for 5 years. Over the last 14 years, Tony has worked for FCT as a chemical laboratory manager and facility manager. Tony has extensive experience doing research and development, quality control, and technical service with products used to manufacture and assemble printed circuit boards. Tony has been involved with APEX for many years. He holds B.S. and M.B.S. degrees in Chemistry.

Tony Lentz